Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down A Dark Alley, by Will Viharo

(pb; 1992, 2010)

From the back cover:

"Down A Dark Alley is a torrid tale exploding with raw romance, savage sex, voluptuous violence, mirthful mayhem and delirious decadence as a sorry sap takes a breathless cross-country walk on the wild side with a ferocious femme fatale, desperately trying to escape a chaotic past and facing an uncertain future. This is hardboiled but heartfelt neo-pulp fiction for fearless dreamers."


The novel's back-cover description (seen above) is dead-on: this fast, loose and joyously dirty shoot-'em-up neo-noir work both updates and honors the noir genre while infusing it with classic cinematic elements and our current political climate.

If you're a fan of sex, noir, crime or action writing, this, like his first book (Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me), is a book worth owning - and turning into a film.

Will has other books out, too - you can check them out at and

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