Tuesday, June 03, 2008

'D' is for Deadbeat, by Sue Grafton

(pb; 1987: fourth book in the Kinsey Millhone mysteries)

From the back cover:

"The client came to Kinsey Millhone with an easy job -- just deliver $25,000 to a fifteen-year old kid. A little odd, and a little too easy, but Kinsey took Alvin Limardo's retainer check anyway. It turned out to be as phony as he was. In real life his name was John Daggett, a chronic drunk with a record as long as your arm and a reputation for sleazy deals. But he wasn't just a deadbeat.

"By the time Kinsey caught up with him, he was a dead body -- with a whole host of people who were delighted to hear the news. But how do you make a stiff pay up what he owes you?"


Another breeze-through, grabs-you-at-the-start mystery from Grafton, whose Kinsey Millhone is as sharp, humorous and tough as ever. The killer wasn't easy to figure out -- an excellent point in this reader's estimation -- and, as with previous Kinsey Millhone mysteries (the last one being 'C' is for Corpse), it's practically impossible to put down.

Worth your time, this series.

Followed by 'E' is for Evidence.

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