Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Golem, by Edward Lee

(pb; 2009)

From the back cover:

"From the bones of the dead. . . from a long-buried secret. . . through an ancient ritual. . . they rise to kill. What was first created to protect has now been perverted and twisted into servants of evil, commanded to exact a bloody, brutal vengeance. The original golem was molded from clay centuries ago to serve and defend the innocent. But today new golems will stalk the night to bring terror and death to the quiet Maryland coast. For one young couple, their dream home will become a slaughterhouse when they discover that nothing can stop the relentless walking horror known as. . . the Golem."


Fun, splateriffic B-movie of a horror novel (this describes most of Lee's work I've read), with a sequel-friendly finish. The characters are well-written and their interactions ring true; the horror elements -- drug addiction, rape, necrophilia, grave-robbing, Kischuph-created monsters -- are firmly in place, with thrilling results; and, with the exception of one scene (where a normally-smart character acts uncharacteristically stupid), it's a put-off-everything-else blast of a read.

Check it out.

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