Sunday, July 26, 2009

In My Skin, by Kate Holden

(hb; 2005: memoir)

From the inside flap:

"A shy, bookish college graduate, a nice girl from a solid middle-class home but uncertain of her way in life, Kate Holden tried her first hit of heroin as a one-time experiment, an adventure with friends, but the drug took over. Hooked, she lost her job, her apartment, stole from her family. Desperation drove her onto the streets, where she became 'Lucy,' offering her body for cash to the first car to stop, risking arrest, and worse, the human predators -- anything for her next fix. With her name on the police blotter, she left the streets and offered her services to first one, then another high-class brothel, where she discovered hidden strengths, as well as parts of herself that frightened her.

"Throughout, however hurt and dismayed, her family never abandoned her, and their acceptance and unyielding love helped her defeat the drug and leave her netherworld behind..."


Smart, concise and sensory-intense memoir about the author's five-year addiction to heroin, how she worked as a prostitute (on the streets, later in brothels) during that time, and how she eventually, with support from her family, quit both. The sexual bits are descriptive at times, but not lascivious -- they're simply honest, maintaining the same level-headed tone as the rest of the book.

Interesting read, this, as well as a potent cautionary tale for anyone who's ever considered using junk.

Check this out!

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