Monday, October 26, 2009

'Q' Is For Quarry, by Sue Grafton

(pb; 2002: seventeenth book in the Kinsey Millhone mysteries)

From the inside flap:

"Back in 1969, a lot of young people were hitting the road and disappearing. More than one of them wound up dead -- including the girl in daisy-patterned pants who was found in a quarry off Highway 1 in Lompoc, the victim of multiple stab wounds. Eighteen years later, she's still a Jane Doe -- and the cops who found her are still haunted by the case. Anxious to solve it, but no longer in their prime, they turn to Kinsey Millhone for help. If nothing else, they'd just like to identify the body. But this ice-cold case heats up more quickly than they expect. And for Kinsey, it will lead to a lot of dangerous discoveries -- including some about her past."


Con Dolan, retired police lieutenant and Kinsey's friend, requests her help in helping solve an eighteen-year old Jane Doe case he and his deathly-ill ex-cop partner (Stacy Oliphant) were unable to close the file on.

This request brings Dolan, Oliphant and Kinsey into contact with a variety of small-town suspects, many of whom are afraid, and/or have something to hide.

Suspenseful, character-progressive, hard-to-put down read -- like all of Grafton's "alphabet mystery"/Kinsey Millhone novels.

Check this series out.

Side-note: this is loosely based on a real-life cold case (readers should check out the "Author's Note" that follows the novel, complete with a facial reconstruction photo).

Followed by 'R' is for Ricochet.

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