Monday, November 09, 2009

Strange Blood, by Lindsay Jayne Ashford

(hb; 2005: second book in the Megan Rhys Mystery series)

From the inside flap:

". . . forensic psychologist Dr. Megan Rhys is called in to help the police investigate what they believe to be a ritual killing. But as more women die, and as the press, the police, her boss, and even her own family turn on her, Megan stakes everything on finding the killer."


Excellent, tightly-plotted and -characterized read, this. Its tone is warmer, emotionally-broadened, compared to its also-excellent prequel, Frozen, and it was near-impossible to put down (which I did, reluctantly, because I have my own stories to write).

If you're a fan of police or forensics procedurals, you owe it to yourself to check out this series.

Followed by Death Studies.

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