Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Raising The Dead, by Daniel Cohen

(hb; 1997: non-fiction)

From the inside flap:

"If you have ever sat through a Frankenstein movie and gasped when Boris Karloff as the monster comes to life, you are in for a treat.

"Wait until you find out about zombies, walking mummies, mad scientists trying to bring bodies back to life, and people who were alive long after they should have been dead and buried.

"Then there are the body snatchers, the grave robbers without whom no mad scientist cold really do his job.

"Are these stories true? Endless films have been made, numerous books have been written. But where did the original tales come from? Daniel Cohen sets forth all the facts as they are known today. None of Raising The Dead has been made up; all of it is based on extensive research.

"It is fascinating reading -- gruesomely fascinating -- all you ever wanted to know about the undead, and the unburied.

"A list of ten classic films having to do with raising the dead is included. All are available on videotapes."


Short, fun and interesting primer for those looking into the subjects described on the book's jacket flap. The writing and subject matter is broad enough to be approached by those new to the undead genre(s), but detailed and factual enough to likely include something for those, like myself, who are fairly well-versed in undead lore, history and media.

Check it out. This is a great "gateway" book for those who are looking to research (non-religious) death and resurrection history and horrors.

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