Wednesday, December 15, 2010

**Microstory A Week update


Another story - Nick Nicholson's sublime Naples - was published on the Microstory A Week site today.

If you're interested in submitting a story to the Microstory site, be warned that slots are filling up fast.

Also, if you're wondering what kind of stories I publish on the Microstory site, check out the books I review on this blog (Reading By Pub Light), as well as the stories I post on the Microstory site.

Genre-wise, I'm open to most writing, as long as it's not religious, Hallmark-toned or erotica. (For further details, check out the submission guidelines.)

I just added several publisher/magazine links to the Link List for the Microstory site. There are now thirty-seven publisher/magazine links on the site, so even if you're not interested in submitting to Microstory A Week, there may be worthwhile links there for you to check out. :)

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