Friday, January 21, 2011

The Moon is Down, by John Steinbeck

(pb; 1942: novella)

From the back cover:

"A beautiful, provincial Norwegian town had been at peace for so long that its people had forgotten the protocol of war. Then one Sunday the German soldiers came. . ."


The Moon is Down is a scathing, intensely personal indictment of imperialism and war. There's not one wasted word is in this stark work, which baldly foreshadows the futile, occupational horrors and (sometimes ironic) disillusionment suffered by both the invaders, and their captives.

Stunning, timely work; worth owning.

The film version was released stateside on March 14, 1943.

Henry Travers played Mayor Orden. Lee J. Cobb played Doctor Albert Winter. Dorris Bowdon played Molly Morden. Margaret Wycherly played Mme. Sarah Orden. William Post Jr. played Alex Morden.

Cedric Hardwicke played Col. Lanser. Peter van Eyck played Lt. Tonder. Henry Roland played Capt. Loft. E.J. Ballantine played George Corell. Hans Schumm played Capt. Bentick.

Irving Pichel directed the film, from Nunnaly Johnson's screenplay.


Nessa said...

Don't tell anyone but I've never read Steinbeck or seen any movies based on his writings. I suppose I should try at least one.

budh.aaah said...

Oh same here like Nessa said never read or saw anything related. But have heard his name mentioned a lot. Should try reading one soon.

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