Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oktoberfest, by Frank De Felitta

(pb; 1973)

From the back cover:

"This was no ordinary Oktoberfest.

"The 16-day Munich celebration was usually a time of hedonistic abandon and sexual reverlry. But his year was different. This year there was a deranged killer on the loose, hacking his victims to death with a meat cleaver.

"Fear and terror were spreading like wildfire through the city when Police Inspector Bauer tackled the case. As he followed the murderer's bloody trail. Bauer developed a very bizarre theory, one he had to pursue, even if it took him to Paris, to Israel. . . and to Hell."


Compelling, fast-moving, grim (largely because of its haunted-by-Nazi-history setting) and straight-forward crime thriller. There's no frivolity in this novel, only horror, history and, for some of the characters, small semblances of redemption.

Good read, worth your time. Check it out.

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