Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live Girls by Ray Garton

(pb; 1987, 2006: prequel to Night Life. First book in the Davey Owens series.)

From the back cover

"The garish neon lights of New York City's Time Square can be very seductive. And so can the promises of dark pleasures on the seedier side streets. To Davey Owen, the lure of a glowing sign advertising 'Live Girls' was too hard to resist. he was looking for a little entertainment. He found instead a nightmare in the form of a beautiful but strangely pale woman. A woman who offers him ecstasy - and eternal life - but takes in exchange his lifeblood."


Live is a solid, entertaining, gory and sexually explicit vampire/horror work. Live Girls possesses a strong cinematic sensibility and an underlying sense of humor, with nods at classic vampire literature.

Good, fast-burn of a read, this. Am looking forward to reading its sequel, Night Life.

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