Monday, January 09, 2012

Don't Bump the Glump! and Other Fantasies, by Shel Silverstein

(hb; 1964: children's poetry book)


Fun, imaginative, often laugh-out-loud funny collection of (mostly) short poems by Silverstein, whose penned verses are accompanied by his equally idiosyncratic illustrations.

I loved eighteen (the majority) of the poems in this collection - especially:

The Crawfee

That silly fish, the Crawfee,
Has been swimming in my coffee,
But now I've drunk it up
And he isn't in the cup.
And he's nowhere to be found. . .
Do you think that he has drowned?


About the Bloat

In the undergrowth
There dwells the Bloath
Who feeds upon poets and tea.
Luckily I know this about him,
While he knows almost nothing of me.

Don't Bump the Glump! is a wonderful, smile-inducing work for readers of all ages. Worth owning, this.

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Mama Zen said...

Thanks for reminding me; I really need to pick this up for my daughter.

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