Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vincent Price Presents, by various writers and artists

(graphic novel; 2010. Introduction by Roger Corman)

From the back cover:

"The Gothic horror tradition of film icon Vincent Price is revived in these twisted comic book one-shots that transplant the best of the horror genre into innovative and bizarre landscapes for a new generation of Vincent Price fans. Vincent Price serves as iconic host and muse for these unforgettable stories, which include horrific transformations, twisting plots, perversions of science, labyrinthine castles, Gothic dread, surreal revelations, and a little unexpected genre-bending. With an introduction by film legend and Vincent Price collaborator, Roger Corman.

Overall review:

This graphic novel, put out by Blue Water Comics, is an okay quadrilogy of Price-referencing stories, with mostly-good artwork and a pleasant, brief introduction by Roger Corman.

Though Vincent Price Presents isn't worth its cover price ($17.99), it may prove a fun, second-hand read for Price and horror fans for a buck or two.

Review, story by story:

1.) "Canus" - Darren G. Davis & Chad Helder: A tween boy's birthday brings new anxieties - in the form of the titular cyborg dog - and, along with it, new opportunities.

Good tale and artwork here, excellent ending.

2.) "Road Rage" - Darren F. Davis, Paul Salamoff & Patrick Broderick: An arrogant advertising executive (Glen Manning) causes a car accident, then flees the scene of it, setting in motion further violence. This otherwise solid morality tale is ruined by a gotcha/forced "twist". Sloppily constructed hack work, at best, with good artwork.

3.) "Here To There" - Scott Davis and Rey Armenteros: Casey Morrow, a celebrated writer with a decade-long case of writer's block - born of unrealistic expectations - goes through another day of driving his cab, and discovers a secret undercurrent to his life.

Solid story with some quotable lines and okay artwork, this.

4.) "Rue Morgue High" - Chad Helder and Derliz Santacruz: An insane, malevolent nerd with wild psychic abilities (Edwin) torments his more popular step-brother (Fred) with visions and killings drawn from Edgar Allan Poe's "first tale of ratiocination", Murder in the Rue Morgue.

Interesting, mostly good story with good artwork and a meh finish.

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