Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spacial Delivery, by Gordon R. Dickson

(pb; 1961, 1979)

From the back cover:

"John Tardy didn't volunteer to do battle for maiden fair; he didn't know about the battle until he was in it. And no suit of armor either - on Dilbia, it's bare hands even when your opponent has the size, strength and temperament of a hungry Kodiak bear. John Tardy, a very competent Earth man figured all that could have been worked out, if only he could have arrived at the fight aboard a magnificent charger, or on his own two feet, or any way other than the way he was sent: as a packaged labelled Spacial Delivery."


Spacial Delivery is a light-hearted romp of a science fiction novel - the equivalent of a beach read, with more brains, imagination and exotic settings. Though it's not a landmark read, it's a well-written and engaging one: that is, it's worth checking out from the library, or purchasing for a few bucks.

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