Wednesday, June 06, 2012

And Nothing But the Truthiness: The Rise (and Further Rise of) Stephen Colbert, by Lisa Rogak

(hb; 2012: biography)

From the inside flap:

"No other comedian can generate headlines today the way Stephen Colbert can. With his appearance at a Congressional hearing, his rally in Washington, D.C., his bestselling book, his creation of the now-accepted word truthiness, and of course his popular TV show, nearly everyone (except the poor Congressional fools who agree to be interviewed on his show) has heard of him.

"Yet all of these things are part of a character also named Stephen Colbert. Who is he really?. . . Lisa Rogak. . . reveals the roots of his humor, growing up the youngest of eleven siblings, and the tragedy that forever altered his family. She charts his early years earning his chops first as a serious acting student and later a budding improv comic, especially his close connection with Amy Sedaris, which led to the cult TV show Strangers with Candy. And Rogak offers a look inside how The Daily Show works, and the exclusive bond that Colbert and Jon Stewart formed that would lead to Colbert's own rise to celebrity."


Fun, light and interesting read about a subject (Colbert) whose political/satirical persona entertains those who "get" Colbert's jokes, all the while promoting the humane and effective impulses of its creator.

Good read, not only for Colbert and Jon Stewart fans, but also those readers interested in the use of satire and improvisation.

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