Monday, August 13, 2012

Better Haunted Homes and Gardens, by Jennifer Barnes and Kristen Margiotta

(pb; 2009: children's picture book)


When Ivy Spookerton goes looking for a new place to live, she has specific requirements for her new home: it must be haunted, in a way pleasing to her macabre mindset and her bugs.

This charming, quirky picture book (reminiscent of The Addams Family) made me smile, as did Margiotta's mood- and color-appropriate artwork, which is what alerted me to the existence of this book.

Here's an excerpt - two of my favorite pages from Better Haunted Homes:

"Ivy Spookerton was up to her ears in creepy crawlies. Renting an attic room from Old Mrs. Wrinklechin had been great for a time but Ivy's bug collection had doubled since she'd first moved in.

"Ivy needed a place where she and her critters would have some space to stretch out.

"When the spiders started to make nests in her hair Ivy knew it was finally time to go house hunting. Haunted house hunting to be precise!

"Ivy had always wanted to live in a haunted house and would settle for nothing less than the most haunted house in all of Pumpkinville."

Better Haunted Homes is worth reading, for those without kids who enjoy G-rated silliness and spookiness; it's worth owning for those who have children, whose sensibilities may appreciate the above elements.

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