Monday, October 29, 2012

Kelley Jones' The Hammer: The Outsider, by Kelley Jones

(pb; 1999: three-issue comic book series.  Loosely connected sequel to Kelley Jones' The Hammer: Uncle Alex)


WARNING: possible spoilers in this review.

The plot:  Alaric Malleus (a.k.a. "The Hammer"), with the help of a legal researcher (Russell Boone), hunts an alien creature who's on a killing spree.  Clark, the aforementioned alien, it turns out, isn't nearly as bad or terrifying as the three cruel wizards who had held him prisoner, or - even worse - the demonic being they mean to resurrect (Zahak, making a series return).


The Outsider has all the humor, ickiness and pulp-horror charm of the previous Hammer stories.  If you have liked Jones's Hammer work thus far, chances are that you'll enjoy this three-issue miniseries.

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