Friday, January 18, 2013

Outrage, by Arnaldur Indriđason

(hb; 2008, 2011: ninth book in the Reykjavik Thriller series. Translated from the Icelandic by Anna Yates)

From the inside flap:

"Haunted by personal demons, Detective Erlendur decides to take a short leave of absence, putting a female detective, Elínborg, in charge while he is gone.  When a troubling case lands on Elínborg's desk, she's quickly thrust into a violent and volatile situation with extremely high stakes.  Soon, her investigation uncovers a twisted tale of double lives that may be connected to the unsolved disappearance of a young girl.  The clock is ticking to solve the case before a serial rapist strikes again. . ."


Adroit, reader-hooking police procedural, this.  Indriđason has, once again, crafted a kick-butt, difficult-to-put-down detective novel that is one of my favorite Reykjavik Thriller works thus far.

Early on, I figured out many of the events that took place at, or before, the scene of the (initial) crime - it's inevitable, given how structured and tightly written Outrage is - but some of the twists and the characters' interactions, well foreshadowed, were impressive and unexpected.

This is a book - and a series - worth owning.

Followed by Black Skies.

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