Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Longarm and the Doomed Beauty by Tabor Evans

(pb; 2011: three hundred and ninety-seventh book in the Longarm series)

From the back cover:

"Babe Younger - cousin to the infamous Cole Younger - has shot his last bank manager.  Thanks to the testimony of eyewitness Josephine Pritchard, the outlaw has been duly executed at the end of a hangman's rope.  But in a touching display of loyalty to their leader, his gang has vowed vengeance against the beautiful Miss Pritchard.

"Now it's up to Deputy U.S. Marshall Custis Long to thwart the gang's ill intentions toward the lovely lady.  If Longarm has his way, every one of them will be reunited with their leader - in a special ring of hell reserved for cutthroats and cowards.  Of course, it is a single man against an entire gang - and if Custis doesn't watch his back he might be the one not getting any older. . ."


Doomed Beauty is a Western, action and sex pulp story that merges the august tone of Louis L'Amour's classic genre works with earthier sentiments.

The Longarm series clearly has a formula, but it's a fun, focused and waste-no-words recipe.  There's enough history and character development to keep the key characters interesting, and the action and pace is swift and blunt, like a genre Western should be.

Doomed Beauty is a good, disposable pulp read, one worth checking out.  I wouldn't buy it for more than the fifty cents I paid for it, but that's me - I only own a few favorite books, as I like too many authors to store all their works.

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