Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Missing Ink, by Karen E. Olson

(pb; 2009: first book in the Tattoo Shop Mystery series)

From the back cover:

"When a girl makes an appointment to get devotion ink with the name of her
fiancé embedded in a heart, Brett takes the job, but the girl never shows.  The next thing Brett knows, the police are looking for her mysterious client. . . and the name this woman wanted on the tattoo isn't her fiancé's.

"An alliance with an unlikely partner leads Brett to a dead body, a suave Englishman, and an Elvis karaoke bar.  And who is the tattooed stranger stalking her?  Brett draws lines between the clues, unwittingly putting herself in danger.  But she intends to see justice done, since death, like a tattoo, is permanent."


Entertaining read, with engaging characters and a plot that moves along at an smart pace.  I figured out most of the who-did-what elements of the book long before Olson reveals the bad guy(s) - I read a lot of mysteries - but I still enjoyed Missing, a promising start to what may be an interesting, subculture-based series.

Worth reading, this.

Followed by Pretty in Ink.

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