Friday, March 28, 2014

**One of Will Viharo's stories, People Bug Me, was published in Nightmare Illustrated magazine

One of Will Viharo's stories, People Bug Me, was published the fifth issue of Nightmare Illustrated.  This story is a fast-moving, entertaining mix of two 1957 films, The Sweet Smell of Success and I Was a Teenage Werewolf

The plot for People runs thusly: a post-Sweet/on-the-lam reporter, Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis' character in Sweet), is interviewing a small town shrink, Dr. Alfred Brandon (Whit Bissell's character in Teenage) for an article after Brandon has been attacked by one of his patients - a teenage "lycanthrope," according to Brandon, named Tony Rivers (Michael Landon's character in Teenage).  When the interview takes on sinister overtones, Falco - quippy and doubtful about his interview subject - tries to extricate himself from the obviously obsesssed Brandon, but it's too late. . .

This quick-blast, feels-like-a-real-Fifties-film tale made me wish I could see it on the big screen, even as a short.  There probably won't be a film version, but even if there isn't, there's this highly enjoyable sort-of sequel to read, penned by consistently excellent author Viharo.

Check this story - and this equally excellent magazine - out. 


I also especially enjoyed Viharo's recent "Flicks" column ("Cerebral Cinema") in the latest Bachelor Pad magazine (issue #27), in which he shows knowledgeable appreciation for select body-based horror and similar genre films (e.g., The Brain That Wouldn't Die, 1962; Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, 1974), many of which are my personal favorites.  This is a must-read for any fan of these genres, so if you're an adult reader and so inclined, pick this up!

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