Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Writing on the Wall, by Gunnar Staalesen

(pb; 1995, 2010: eleventh novel in the Varg Veum  series.  Translated from Norwegian by Hal Sutcliffe.)

From the back cover:

"In this crime drama detective Varg Veum's adventures lead him to a dark world of privileged, young teenage girls who have been drawn into drugs and prostitution. The situation worsens when the local judge is discovered in a luxury hotel, dead and clad only in women's lingerie. Called in by anxious parents and officials to look for a missing daughter and explain the judge's death, Varg finds clues that lead him only deeper into the city's criminal underworld."


Excellent, hard to put down P.I. novel.  The main reason Writing is excellent, above average, is because of its particularly twisted, sleazy revelations (in regards to its storyline and its characters).  Worth owning, this.

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