Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Score, by Richard Stark

(pb; 1964, 2009: fifth novel in the Parker series.  Later published under the title KilltownForeword by John Banville.)

From the back cover:

"It was an impossible crime: knock off an entire North Dakota town called Copper Canyon - clean out the plant payroll, both banks, and all the stores in one night.  Parker called it 'science fiction,' but with the right men (a score of them), he could figure it all out to the last detail.  It could work.  If the men behaved like pros, cool and smart; if they didn't get impatient, start chasing skirts, or decide to take the opportunity to settle old scores. . . they just might pull it off."


Parker works - with eleven other professionals - his most audacious theft yet, a town-wide multiple target job.  As in previous Parker novels, Stark's prose is blunt, cool-toned and streamlined, with no wasted words.  As always, there are character-based complications, all of which make the writing more entertaining.  Worth owning, this.

Followed by The Jugger.


The resulting film, Pillaged, was released stateside on November 15, 1967.  Alain Cavalier directed and co-scripted the film.  Claude Sautet was his co-screenwriter.

Daniel Ivernel played Edgar.  Michel Constantin played Georges.  Paul Le Person played StéphaneFranco Interlenghi played Maurice.  Phillipe Moreau played Paulus.  Julien Verdier played Lebuisson.  Phillipe Ogouz played Wiss.  Simone Landry played Madame Lancret.  Irène Tunc played “La standardiste Marie-Ange”.

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