Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fast Women and Neon Lights: Eighties-Inspired Neon Noir edited by Michael Poole

(2016 eBook: crime fiction story anthology. "Foreword" by Will Viharo.)

Overal review:

Good anthology, all of the thirteen stories had something to keep my attention, even the works that did not make me go wow (in a positive way). This is a collection worth owning.

Standout stories:

1.) "Valley Girl" -- Kat Richardson: The interrogation of a murderous, spoiled girl (Kim) goes bad for her lawyer (Marberg), and the cop (Willet) who is interrogating her. Good read, nice end-twists.

2.)  "Big Shots" -- S.W. Lauden: Fun, fast and darkly funny tale about Gary, a heroin-hooked, convenience store-robbing manager of an up and coming punk band.

3.)  "Widowman" -- Matthew J. Hockey: In Tokyo, a cycle of corruption, revenge and treachery plays itself out in a fast-paced and bloody way.

4.)  "Meantime" -- Will Viharo: Miami Vice, Scarface, lust, drugs and Elvis in a clever, chock-full-o'-quotables blender. Excellent, fun read -- if filmed in the Eighties it would have been one of the best Vice episodes ever. One of my favorite stories in this collection.

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