Friday, September 08, 2017

Warlock by Ray Garton

(pb; 1989: movie tie-in novel. Based on the screenplay by David Twohy, billed as D.T. Twohy.)

From the back cover

"Snatched by Satan himself from the fiery stake of a Salem witch-burning, a warlock lands right in the middle of a 20th-century Los Angeles. His age-old quest to bring about the reign of ultimate evil leaves a trail of blood and terror across America. Only one man can stop a witch hunter who has come from the past to stop the warlock and prevent the ultimate horror that will change the fate of the world."


Warlock is a sexually explicit, (sometimes) darkly funny and gory B-movie novel that expands on David Twohy’s fast-moving barebones screenplay by adding a more perverse sexual element, altering key characters’ physiques and personalities and a savagery that is hinted at in the film version. It is entertaining and worth owning, if you are a fan of the film and do not mind barebones plotting.


The film version was released stateside on January 11, 1991. It was directed by Steve Miner by a screenplay by David Twohy, billed as D.T. Twohy.

Julian Sands played "Warlock". Lori Singer played Kassandra. Richard E. Grant played Giles Redferne. Kevin O'Brien played Chas.

Mary Woronov played "Channeler". Richard Kuss played "Mennonite". David Carpenter played "Pastor". Anna Levine played "Pastor's Wife".

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