Friday, March 27, 2009

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy, by Mabel Maney

(pb; 2001: first book in the 007½ /Jane Bond series)

From the back cover:

" 'What's the story on Bond?'

" 'Your man is a homicidal depressive paranoiac,' the doctor reported.

" 'I know that. I want to know what's wrong with him! And be straight with me, man. No medical mumbo-jumbo.'

" 'He's lost his nerve.'

"N. had suspected as much. After a long while spent staring at the jagged skyline of London, N. came to a decision. He had no other choice but to go through with Pumpernickel's ridiculous plan.

"Enter Bond. Jane Bond, James's lesbian twin sister and hapless bookstore employee, who steps in to masquerade as her brother at an awards ceremony with the queen. But when the dastardly Sons of Brittain (S.O.B.s), a nefarious fraternity plotting to bring the Duke and Duchess of Windsor back to power, show up, it's up to some unexpected heroes to save the day. The Powder Puff Girls -- make-up salespersons by day, secret agents by night -- step in to secure the future of Brittain while Jane keeps her brother's reputation intact. . . both in and out of the bedroom!"


Addictive, kitschy kicks abound in this homocentric skewering of Ian Fleming's most famous characters. There's little violence and quick moments of sensuality in this campy, double-entendre-laden tale that's both solid and feather-light.

Followed by The Girl With The Golden Bouffant.

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