Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice Girls Finish Last, by Sparkle Hayter

(hb; 1996: second book in the Robin Hudson Mystery series)

From the inside flap:

"At thirty-seven, with one failed marriage and several lousy dates behind her, Robin Hudson is working on a new attitude -- a Positive Mental Attitude. Sure, she's still toiling away in the tabloidesque Special Reports unit at the All News Network for her loathsome boss, Jerry Spurdle. But, amidst rumors of cutbacks and a new company ban on smoking even outside the office, this beautiful, opinionated, and rather clumsy third-string reporter thinks a good attitude might improve her karma. Besides, she's added to her personal defense system a new favorite weapon -- a hot-glue gun with two settings, stream and spray -- so what could go wrong?

"Then her gynecologist is murdered, and Jerry sends a reluctant Robin to do a Special Units investigating a link with the S&M sex-club underworld. In the meantime, nutty fans may be on their way to New York, and someone is taking potshots at ANN's male talent. Are the shootings connected to the murder of the doctor? To Robin? Her Positive Mental Attitude hanging by a thread, Robin must solve this mystery -- or she may never have another date."


More off-beat characters and action, along with Robin Hudson's quirky first-person observations, make this a laugh-riotous follow-up to the superb What's a Girl Gotta Do?. The killer, once again, is believable, and difficult to spot, a bonus as far as this reader is concerned.

Check this series out!

Followed by Revenge of the Cootie Girls.

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