Saturday, May 09, 2009

What's a Girl Gotta Do?, by Sparkle Hayter

(pb; 1994: first book in the Robin Hudson Mystery series)

From the inside flap:

"Nothing is going right for Robin Hudson, a spunky, sexy, 'slightly rumpled, third-string reporter in Rita Hayworth's body.' Her husband has left her for a prettier and much younger woman; she's been demoted to the tabloidesque Special Reports unit at the All News Network after an on-air faux pas at the White House; and a blackmailer knows some of her worst secrets. To top it all off, Robin becomes a suspect in a brutal murder. Gathering her wits, her perfume atomizer spiked with cayenne pepper, and her Epilady, she turns reluctant gumshoe to find the real killer and clear her name -- all this while doing an undercover assignment at a sperm bank with her loathsome boss. But Robin is going to need more than wisecracks and makeshift weapons to solve this murder and not become a corpse herself."


A wacky- and earthy-humored main character (Robin), along with her cat (Louise Bryant), make this a fun, breezy read. Hayter throws enough variant characters and red herrings in the smart, always-entertaining plot mix to make the killer hard to spot, and the ending is laugh-out-loud stunning.

Worth your time, this.

Followed by Nice Girls Finish Last.

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