Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lilith's Dream by Whitley Strieber

(hb; 2002: third book in the Vampire Life series)

From the inside flap

"Lilith, the ages-old mother of the dying race of vampires, has been forced to come out of her cave deep in the Egyptian desert in search of food -- human blood. But she knows nothing about the modern world. She can't drive a car, rent a room, turn on a TV. She struggles to New York, penniless, vulnerable, and starving, protected only by her beauty and her power to capture men with desire. . . especially very certain special men.

"The instant she sess young Ian Ward, she knows that he is part vampire himself. She knows that Ian, if he ever tastes human blood, will belong to her forever. And she needs him desperately, to help her survive and live in this harsh new world of jets and credit cards and guns. She sets out on a campaign of seduction -- as sensuous as it is terrifying -- to touch human blood to Ian's lips, which will then become for him a drug a thousand times more addictive than heroin..."


Lilith's Dream takes place seventeen years after the events of The Last Vampire.

Paul and Rebecca Ward, parents of Paul and Miriam Blaylock's half-vampire child, Ian, see their worst fears realized when Ian is taken by vampires, who wish to bring Ian over to the Vampire Life.

The vampires who have kidnapped Ian are: pop vocalist Leonore Patterson (who, like Paul and Rebecca, was a player in The Last Vampire's drama), and Lilith, an ancient Keeper who, in Paul's words, "makes [Miriam] Blaylock look like a nun."

This is a stellar second sequel to The Hunger, full of action, tasteful eroticism, palpable grue and horror, good characterization, humor and hope. Cineastes may appreciate Strieber's affectionate mentions of David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, who starred in the film version of The Hunger.

Worth your time, this. Check this series out!

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