Monday, January 04, 2010

The Mask Of Circe, by Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore

(pb; 1948, 1975)

From the back cover:

"Had time been swept backward three thousand years? Had I, Jay Seward, been borne back into the gray mists of the past to emerge, standing ont he deck of the Argo, as Jason of Iolcus?

"That could not be the whole answer. Strangeness whispered in the earth and waters and wind. Some alien hand had stooped over this world. This was not Earth. . . But where was I? And why had I been brought here?"


This is a wild, surrealistic science fiction tale that moves along at a whiplash-fast pace. The authors structured The Mask of Circe around the Jason and the Argonauts myth-legend, reworking it with time-travel elements and shades of Doctor Who as well as their own heady-hazy-crazy brand of mindf**ked action.

If you prefer to be spoonfed your stories, don't read this book: short, frenetic and fun, this will probably confuse you early on.

Worth purchasing, this. In order to read it, you may have to purchase it, as it may be out of print.

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