Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Succulent Prey, by Wrath James White

(pb; 2008)

From the back cover:

"Could serial killers be victims of a communicable disease? Fifteen years ago, Joseph Miles was attacked by a serial child murderer. He was the only one of the madman's victims to survive. Now he himself is slowly turning into a killer. he can feel the urges, the burning needs, getting harder and harder to resist. Can anything stop him - or cure him - before he kills the only woman he's ever loved? Or before he infects someone else?"


Succulent Prey is a blunt, sexually- and cannibal-direful novel that reminds me of Jack Ketchum's earlier work (specifically Off Season) in its ugly, unrelenting ferocity.

White's over-the-top tale pushes that rawness into unique and genre blending (and blasting) territory, gouging new ideas out of familiar flesh-rending. Fans of graphic sexual and gut-roiling horror will likely enjoy this unsettling, milestone work.

Worth owning, this.

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