Friday, July 27, 2012

Cold Serial Murder, by Mark Abramson

(pb; 2009: second novel in the Beach Reading series)

From the back cover:

"Tim Snow expected to show his visiting Aunt Ruth the wonders of San Francisco, but never expected one of the sights of the city would be the body of his ex-lover. A killer is on the loose in the Castro district. Meanwhile, Tim cadre of quirky friends and neighbors makes life all the more interesting with their drama of weddings and lost (and found) loves. . . Can Tim and his aunt uncover who the killer is before it's too late?"


This city-centric, entertaining, character-robust follow-up to Beach Reading is a burn-through read, like its preceding novel. Don't expect much mystery on who the killer is, as a few too many mentions of the killer's qualities make it obvious who s/he is.

I mention Abramson's Premature Killer Reveal not as a criticism, but as a fact - for this reader, anyway (one person's mystery is another person's whatever). As a straightforward fiction read, Cold is a charming, chockful of San Francisco work that's worth reading.

Check it out.

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