Friday, July 06, 2012

I Am a Pole (And So Can You!), by Stephen Colbert

(hb; 2012: humor/nonfiction picture book. Illustrations by Paul Hildebrand)

From the inside flap:

"Can't get enough of Pole? Look for these sequels:

"Pole Learns His ABCs

"Pole in Outer Space

"Pole Has a Bar Mitzvah

"Pole Goes to Bangkok

"Pole Meets Another Pole

"Pole Meets the Other Pole's New Boyfriend.

"Pole Does Something Else

"How the Pole Stole Christmas

"Pole Learns About Copyright Infringement

". . . and many, many more!"


Silly, satirical children's book that's not quite for children, filtered through Stephen Colbert's Right Wing pundit persona. I haven't chuckled this often at a book in a long time, because of stanza-gems like the following:

"I tried and failed at other things,
That I shouldn't talk about.
Like that summer with the phone poles,
Getting totally strung out."

Paul Hildrebrand's illustrations - children's book-true and clever - are the perfect accompaniment to Pole's verses, which I read several times all the way through - and chuckled at every time.

If you're a Stephen Colbert fan, this is worth owning. Adding to the joy of this quick read is Maurice Sendak's snarky faux-blurbs, and other contributions to the book. (Sendak, a friend of Colbert's, was on The Colbert Report shortly before he died on May 8, 2012.)

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