Monday, April 01, 2013

Sacrifice by John Everson

(pb; 2007: second book in The Curburide Chronicles)

From the back cover:

"They are coming.  They are a race of sadistic spirits known as the Curburide, and they are about to arrive in our world, bringing with them horrors beyond imagination.  The secret to summoning - and controlling - them has fallen into the hands of a beautiful, sexy and dangerously insane woman.

"Ariana has dedicated her life to unleashing the demons in our realm through a series of human sacrifices, erotic rituals of seduction and slaughter.  As she crosses the country, getting ever closer to completing her blood-drenched mission, only three figures stand in her way: an unwilling hero who has seen the horrors of the Curburide before, a burgeoning witch. . . and a spiteful demon with plans of his own."


I love reading sequels like this - follow-up tales that not only show the further adventures of characters I've grown fond of (or am fascinated by), but up the ante of the plot proceedings, while reworking the structure of the previous tale(s) into new storyline configurations.

Sacrifice accomplishes this, with seeming ease.  Like Covenant, it's a burn-through-that-sucker read, one with an ending that deftly avoids leave-room-for-a-sequel horror clichés (though he could easily continue this series if he wanted to).

Great, genre-veracious read.  Worth owning, this.

Followed by Redemption.

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