Friday, August 22, 2014

The Black Ice Score, by Richard Stark

(pb; 1965, 2010: eleventh novel in the Parker series.  Foreword by Dennis Lehane.)

From the back cover:

"A corrupt African colonel has converted his country's wealth into diamonds and smuggled them to a Manhattan safe house.  Four upstanding citizens plan to rescue their new nation by stealing the diamonds back with the help of a 'specialist' - Parker, that is.  He has the best references in town.  Will Parker break his rule against working with amateurs and help them because his woman would be disappointed if he doesn't?  Or because three hired morons have threatened to kill him and his woman if he does?  They thought they were buying an advantage, but what they get is a predated death certificate."


Black is another lean, blunt and excellent crime-noirish entry in the Parker series, with a foreign intrigue/political edge thrown into the mix. 

Followed by The Sour Lemon Score.

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