Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Green Eagle Score, by Richard Stark

(pb; 1967, 2010: tenth novel in the Parker series.  Foreword by Dennis Lehane.)

From the back cover:

"Here’s Parker—planning to steal the entire payroll of an Air Force base in upstate New York, with help from Marty Fusco, fresh out of the pen, and a smart aleck finance clerk named Devers. Holed up with family in a scrappy little town, the hoisters prepare for the risky job by trying to shorten the odds. But the ice is thinner than Parker likes to think—and Marty’s ex-wife is much more complicated."


Green is another lean, machine-precise and entertaining entry in the Parker series.  This time out, the spanner in the works is one of Parker's crew members' ex-wives (Ellen Fusco) and her psychiatrist (Fred Godden) who provide the spanner elements in Parker's otherwise clockwork endeavors.  Great, burn-through read, followed by The Black Ice Score.

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