Friday, June 26, 2015

Dexter Down Under by Jeff Lindsay, Dalibor Talajić and others

(pb; 2014: graphic novel, collecting issues #1 - 5 of the miniseries)

From the back cover:

"Dexter's in Australia -- and the hunter becomes the hunted!

"Dexter Morgan isn't just Miami's No. 1 forensic blood spatter expert -- he's also a serial killer who targets other serial killers. But when Dexter travels Down Under on the trail of a new murderer, he quickly learns that sharks aren't Australia's only deadly predator. Who is setting up illegal hunting safaris in the Outback, and they are targeting more than big game?

"Dexter investigates as only he can, but soon discovers that he isn't the hunter -- he's the prey. Now Dexter is trapped in a private preserve where humans are in the crosshairs. Will this one end with a bang? Under the hot Australian sun, Dexter's Dark Passenger is given free rein, blood will flow, and the guilty will not go unpunished."


Richard Connell's influential1924 story "The Most Dangerous Game" (also titled "The Hounds of Zaroff") + Dexter Morgan + Australia = Dexter Down Under. This is a fun Dexter side-story, written by the character's creator, Lindsay, and illustrated by Talajić. Part of the entertainment value of Down Under is seeing Dexter get bossed around by a Deb*-like, flirty Shawna Wiggs (a cop, with whom Dexter is being hunted, by a "rich bastard," Grigsby).

[*Deb, a.k.a Debra Morgan, Dexter's sister]

Talajić's computer-generated artwork didn't thrill me -- I prefer the older, hand-drawn style of comic bookdom -- but while his visual work is generic, it isn't entirely off-putting.

Down Under is a light, disposable read (when compared to the rest of the Dexter series), one worth checking out from the library if you are a Dexter completist.

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