Friday, June 05, 2015

**Microstory A Week is accepting submissions for stories, September - October 2015

Microstory A Week is accepting submissions for weekly speculative fiction stories, to be published later this year, starting on September 30 and ending on October 30, 2015.


Polished fiction stories only -- no poetry, please.

Word limit: 1500 words or less. Flasher-length works (e.g., 200 word stories) are welcome, also.

Email submissions only, please, with the word SUBMISSION at the start of the email title line.

Send manuscripts to this address:

One story per submission, please. Please don’t submit another story until you’ve heard back about the previous one. I’m also a working writer, so I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P. about your work, within two weeks (probably less).

If you’re submitting a simultaneous piece, please let me know.

I accept previously published works, as long as they're not currently published on the Net. If submitting a previously published piece, please include its publishing history in the submission email.

Novel excerpts are acceptable, as long as they work as stand-alone pieces.

If you want to be published under another name, let me know.

Authors retain the copyrights to their works. All I ask is that work published here is allowed to remain on the site, and that it remains “exclusive” here during the week I publish it. Also, if you republish the work elsewhere, please acknowledge that it was published on Microstory first.

Please be sure to include this statement in your email: “I am the sole author of this story. No one else holds the copyright to this work.”


 $10 per story. In addition, authors
may submit a 75-word bio and an author-related link or two. Not only that, I will promote, online, the future works of authors published here, on this site as well as on Reading By Pub Light.


I’m open to any story subject and style, as long as it’s story and not just an extended scene (i.e., there must be a plot, some semblance of characterization and motivation, and a conflict/problem to resolve, etc. ). In short: I don’t care about genre (for the most part), I care about quality, and an adherence to the submission guidelines. That said, authors who mix genres (e.g., science fiction, pulp, horror, quirky humor and speculative fiction), will increase the likelihood of their submitted work getting published on the site.

Caveat: I am not a fan of religious-inspirational or Hallmark-flavored work. Nor do I want sexually explicit works here – I’m going for a hard-“R” rating (at the most extreme) on this site. That said, sex may be a present element in submitted works, as long as it’s an integral part of the story.

Any rejection notes will be constructive in tone, and, time permitting, be accompanied with a reason why I’m not accepting the work in play.


Include story in body of Rich Text email – no attachments, please.

No paragraph-start indentions. Double-space between paragraph breaks, and space your lines at 1.15.

If there are italics or bold-face words in your story be sure to make that clear.



 As I stated before, I will publish one story per week, each Wednesday, November 4th through December 30th. This will be a first-come, first-serve gig, so get to it. I look forward to reading your work. :)

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