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Saga of the Swamp Thing, by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette & John Tottleben

(pb; 1987: graphic novel, which collects Saga of the Swamp Thing, issues #21 -27)

From the back cover:

"This is the place.

"It breathes. It eats, and, at night, beneath a crawling ground fog with the luster of vaporized pearl, it dreams: dreams white tiny predators stage a nightmare ballet in sharp black grass. It is a living thing. It has a soul. It has a face.

"At night you can almost see it.

"At night you can almost imagine what it might look like if the swamp were boiled down to its essence, and distilled into corporeal form: it fall the muck, all the forgotten muskrat bones, and all the luscious decay would rise up and wade on two legs through the shallows: if the swamp had a spirit and that spirit walked like a man. . ."


This second (1983 - 1984) reboot of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson's 1972 character is at once a continuation of the themes and artwork Wein and Wrightson originally put forth and a solid, refreshing reinvention of the mossy, reborn character whose (literally) earthy awareness gets put to the test when he battles The Floronic Man (aka Jason Woodrue) and a demonic, blood-voracious White Monkey.

Abby Arcane, daughter of the long-dead Dr. Anton Arcane, returns from the two previous series. Also, the Mossy Thing Formerly Known As Alec Holland gets help from an unlikely source, The Demon (aka Jason Blood). Even the JLA (Justice League America) puts in a brief appearance, though they're merely observers to Swamp Thing's struggles with Woodrue.

Good read. Check it out.

Followed by Saga of the Swamp Thing - Book Two.


Two films and two television series were inspired by the comic book.

The first film version, Swamp Thing, was scripted and directed by Wes Craven. It was released stateside on February 19, 1982.

Ray Wise played Doctor Alec Holland. Dick Durock played Swamp Thing. Adrienne Barbeau played Alice Cable. Nannette Brown played Dr. Linda Holland.

Louis Jordan played Doctor Anton Arcane. David Hess played Ferret. Ben Bates played "Arcane Monster". Mimi Craven - now the director's ex-wife, and billed as Mimi Meyer -played "Arcane's Secretary".


A direct-to-video sequel, Return of Swamp Thing, was released stateside in April 1989.

Dick Durock resumed his role of Swamp Thing. Louis Jordan resumed his role of Doctor Anton Arcane. Heather Locklear played Abby Arcane. Sarah Douglas played Doctor Lana Zurrell. Joe Sagal played Gunn. Ace Mask played Doctor Rochelle.

Jim Wynorski directed the film, from a script by Grant Morris and Neil Cuthbert.


An American television series, Swamp Thing aired from July 27, 1990 to May 1, 1993.

Dick Durock resumed his role of Swamp Thing. Mark Lindsay Chapman played Doctor Anton Arcane. Scott Garrison played Will Kipp. Kevin Quigley played Graham.

Various writers and directors worked on the series.


An animated series, also titled Swamp Thing aired on American television from April 20, 1991 to May 18, 1991.

Len Carlson voiced Swamp Thing. Don Francks voiced Doctor Anton Arcane. Paulina Gillis voiced Abby. Philip Akin voiced Bayou Jack. Errol Slue voiced Doctor Deemo. Harvey Atkin voiced Tomahawk. Gordon Masten voiced Skin Man. Joe Matheson voiced Weed Killer. Richard Yearwood voiced J.T. Jonathan Potts voiced Delbert.

Various writers and directors worked on the series.

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