Monday, July 18, 2011

Night Life by Ray Garton

(pb; 2005, 2007: sequel to Live Girls .Second book in the Davey Owens series.)

From the back cover

"Davey Owen is a man with a death sentence. Nearly twenty years and a lifetime ago, Davey battled a circle of vampires and survived. . . forever changed. many of the vampires were destroyed, but the ones who escaped who have been hunting Davey ever since. Now they've found him. The passing years have only intensified their thirst for revenge, and at last their prey is within sight. They will make sure that this time he does not escape. They will not rest until Davey pays for what he did to them. With his last drop of blood."


Night Life is a blunt, sometimes fun and flawed sequel to Live Girls.

There are admirable flashes of wow-that's-brutal horroriffics and fast-paced plotting, but at key points his main characters - Davey and Casey - suffer from repeated Plot Convenient Stupid Moments (aka PCSM), which makes this a so-so read. (These PCSMs weren't particularly plot-twisty or complicated; if Garton wanted to place Davey and Casey in certain situations, a few sentences could've put them there, without the characters coming off as idiots.)

At best, this is made-for-cable C-movie read: not a waste of time, as long as you don't expect much from it.

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