Friday, July 22, 2011

Ravenous by Ray Garton

(pb; 2008: prequel to Bestial)

From the back cover

"A corpse gets up and walks out of the hospital morgue. Minutes later, a policeman is killed outside the same hospital... and partially eaten. Something deadly has come to the coastal California town of Big Rock - something that's leaving mangled and devoured bodies in its wake.

"Sheriff Arlin Hurley refursed to believe the wild talk of werewolves. Then a tuft of wolf's fur was found on one of the victims. But there's more than one werewolf on the prowl. It's quickly becoming an epidemic curse passed on not through blood but through sex. As the sheriff and his men set out to stop the spreading terror, they'll learn that many of the old werewolf legends are just myths. The reality is far worse."


Ravenous is a solid, sprint-paced and entertaining moon, fur & fang work, chock full of Garton's trademark sex, blood and violence, shot through with a streak of macabre humor. The action in this novel is just as brutal as that of his vampire novels (Live Girls, Night Life), but the flesh-ripping is infinitely more savage this time out.

Enjoyable, late night, genre-true werewolf read.

Followed by Bestial.

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