Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Black Magic: Shotgun Spacebabe by E.S. Wynn

(eBook; 2012, 2014)

From the back cover:

"The year is nineteen aught ninety.

"The planet: Gore Gulch.

"The shotgun: a sawed-off two gauge punt gun that specialist Black Magic calls 'The Deuce.'

"Five powerful men just pissed off the wrong woman. Five worlds are on her hit list, and even John Herbert Wilson Thomas, the President of the Republic, will find himself in her sights before her rampage is over. . ."


There's plenty of violence, gore, humor, sex and vengeance in this burn-through novel in which Black Magic tracks down and executes five politicians and scientists - as well as their weapons-wielding defenders - who are not only corrupt, but intentionally released a plague that effectively turns its victims into violent, zombie-like creatures, many of whom Black Magic must also battle to reach her targets.

Black jumps into the action from its first word and doesn't let go until its last.  It's an entertaining, bloody and fast science fiction read, one worth owning.

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