Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Paradise Left Behind, by TreSart L. Sioux

(pb; 2013: erotic anthology)

Overall review:

Paradise is an excellent, mood-effective and often humorous collection of lesbian sex stories with a strong emphasis on character, smart writing, mood, foreshadowing and other elements that are vital to superb storytelling.  This is one of the best single-author erotica anthologies I've read in a while, one that easily transcends its genre.  If you're a fan of lesbian sex works, this is likely a must-own book for you.

Standout stories:

1.)   "Suckin' It Up": A bartender (Emily) hooks up with one of her customers, a dark-eyed beauty named Stephanie.  Nice balance of sexual tension, humor and storytelling to this one.  Thoroughly entertaining read.

2.)   "The Truth Be Told": Funny microstory about alphabet soup, the author, and - according to this work of fiction - one of her personality traits.

3.)   "A True Love":  After her lover passes away from ovarian cancer, a woman (Megan) pines for her rotting lover.  This especially worthwhile Gothic and witchcraft toned work brings to mind certain Edgar Allan Poe stories.

4.)   "Hurtful Imagination":  Romantic, entertaining tale about a heartbroken woman (Regina) whose best friend (Claire) and a hot next door neighbor (Grace) work her out of her love funk. 

5.)   "The Shady Motel and the Secret Door":  Excellent, intriguing - if you don't mind extreme sexual darkness - thriller-update of the Bluebeard fable.  Its ending may be familiar to those well-acquainted with the aforementioned fable and Seventies horror films, but that familiarity does little - if anything - to detract from its masterful lead-up.

6.)  "One Hell of a Friend":  A deal with a devil takes a personal and traitorous twist.  Succinct, perfect microstory.

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