Monday, July 07, 2014

Toxicity, by Max Booth III

(pb; 2014)

From the back cover:

"When Maddox Kane is released from prison after serving a ten year stretch, he has one thing on his mind: reconnecting with his daughter.

"Problem is, his ex-wife and her new junkie husband have other plans, and it's going to cost Maddox a small fortune to buy his share of custody.  His daughter, on the other hand, has other priorities to attend to - such as coming up with enough cash to skip town before the cops find a certain body decomposing in the woods."


Toxicity is an addictive, tightly penned Quentin-Tarantino-film-crossed-with-chemical-eff'd-upness read: violent, quirky, darkly hilarious, icky and character-driven, a work that is often terrible in its scenarios and simultaneously hilarious, with a few characters who - despite their failings and shadiness - are worth rooting for. 

This is a great novel, if you're not easily squicked out - one worth owning.

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