Saturday, January 17, 2015

Charm School, Book One: Magickal Witch Girl Bunny by Elizabeth Watasin

(oversized pb; 2000, 2002: graphic novel)

From the back cover:

"In the town of Little Salem, magic and modern life collide in a hormonally charged storm. . . meet sexy witch Bunny, her vampire biker girlfriend Dean, and the faerie who tries to come between them!"


Charm School is a fun, flirty, clever and fast-read graphic novel read that is chock full of amusing characters -- e.g., Fairer Than (the brazen "one part faerie.  . one part mortal and. . . one part dragon" faerie who's set her desirous eyes upon good girl Bunny); Bunny's mischievous and protective "hideous" witch "Aunties, Weirdie, Hauntie and Agoosta"; and a few of Bunny's fellow Haunted High School students, whom are somewhat mischievous themselves.

When I call Charm School "flirty" I mean that it is a PG-13 read (there is no explicit sex, though there is kissing, butch dykes and other Sapphic, gender- and sex-leaning characters). Obviously, conservative parents who are not LGBT-friendly may not be fans of this graphic novel, whose main story ("The Wrecking Faerie") ends on a cliff-hanger note.

Watasin also provides several side-backstories about the characters' pasts: "Bunny, the Good Li'l Teen Witch" (which shows how her Aunties' spell to get Bunny a boyfriend backfires in a big way), "Dr. Vanessa Leather, Monster Maker" (where Bunny, confused by her hormones and her budding interest in girls, visits a hilariously "evil scientist") and "Radiate" (a post-"Bunny" story, where Bunny's three Aunties -- with their various reactions, some of them ovary-busting -- process Bunny's coming out while meeting Dean, her girlfriend).

Charm School is a fun, smile- and sometimes laugh-inducing work, with artwork that's fetching while maintaining a curious, slapstick mix of realistic and comic-ky faces, figures and action.

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