Thursday, January 01, 2015

Slan by A.E. van Vogt

(pb; 1940, 1968)

From the back cover:

"Years ago, Mankind fought against the hated slan race in the fierce Slan Wars. The result was the extermination of almost all slans, and the establishment of a world-wide police state.

"But slan Jommy Cross had escaped extermination and was now living in constant fear in the world of cruel humans. Jommy was determined to avoid detection, track down other surviving slans, and with them, the mystery of the slans' strange existence and superiority."


Slan is an excellent mix of deft tale twists, action, interesting characters, with bits of hard science technology thrown into it. Not all of the twists are unexpected, but they all work in the service of telling this gripping, near-impossible-to-stop-reading science fiction book. One of my favorite works in this genre, Slan is worth owning -- and possibly, within a few years, worth re-relishing again. (This is not a sentiment I extend to most books.)

Own this, already.

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