Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dirty Money by Richard Stark

(hb; 2008: twenty-fourth / final novel in the Parker series)

From the inside flap:

"In Nobody Runs Forever, Parker and two cohorts stole the assets of a bank in transit, but the police heat was so great they could only escape if they left the money behind. In this [second] follow-up novel, Parker and his associates plot to reclaim the loot, which they hid in the choir loft of an unused country church. As they implement the plan, people on both sides of the law use the forces at their command to stop Parker and grab the goods for themselves. Though Parker's new getaway van is an old Ford Ecoline with 'Holy Redeemer Choir' on its doors, his gang is anything but holy, and Parker will do whatever it takes to redeem his prize, no matter who gets hurt in the process."


The twenty-fourth and final Parker novel sports a largely familiar cast of characters (many of them from Nobody Runs Forever and Ask the Parrot). It also, once again, teams Parker up with an odd, semi-quirky ally mix -- namely: Sandra Loscalzo (bounty hunter, from Nobody), Frank Meaney, thug-boss of Cosmopolitan Beverages (from Firebreak), as well as -- briefly -- Ed Mackey (fellow thief, last seen in Breakout).

Like most of the previous Parker novels, Dirty is full of plot and character twists, ruthlessness, action, intriguing characters and a strong, word-lean sense of series continuity (that doesn't require that you to read previous Parker books). Excellent capper to the series, this, one worth owning.

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