Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Girl on the Loose by G.G. Fickling*

(oversized pb; 1958, 2012: second novel in the Honey West series)


Another fun, sometimes dark-in-tone and action-frantic novel from Fickling*, this time featuring kidnapped babies, look-alike blondes, Las Vegas gangsters, ticked-off cops (particularly Lieutenant Mark Storm, Honey's could-be romantic interest) and other fast-'n'-furious twists that are tightly, wildly plotted and sometimes hard to keep up with. This is a good (if borderline Fifties character-sexist) afternoon-beach read, one that's worth your time if you purchase it as an inexpensive omnibus volume (like I did) or borrow it from the library.

Followed by A Gun for Honey.

[*G.G. Fickling is actually a husband-and-wife writing team: Forrest and Gloria Fickling. "G.G." refers to the wife's first and middle name: Gloria Gautraud. They used these initials to keep the gender of the author(s) vague.]

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