Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Green Kangaroos by Jessica McHugh

(eBook; 2014)

From the back cover:

"Perry Samson loves drugs. He’ll take what he can get, but raw atlys is his passion. Shot hard and fast into his testicles, atlys helps him forget that he lives in an abandoned Baltimore school, that his roommate exchanges lumps of flesh for drugs at the Kum Den Smokehouse, and that every day is a moldering motley of whores, c*ntcutters, and disease. Unfortunately, atlys never helps Perry forget that, even though his older brother died from an atlys overdose, he will never stop being the tortured middle child.

"Set in 2099, The Green Kangaroos explores the disgusting world of Perry’s addiction to atlys and the Samson family’s addiction to his sobriety."


Kangaroos is a surreal, erotic and plot-twisty novel that brings to mind the cyberpunkiness of William Gibson's writing (albeit in a more mainstream way), as well as the bleak circumstances and humor that are often infused in William S. Burroughs's vivid-slippery worlds-within-worlds works. Its characters become more interesting as the novel progresses, and the ending is hopeful and realistic about the nature of addiction, making this engrossing, entertaining book even more worthwhile -- excellent read, worth owning.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! Received your two new books this weekend! Thank you so much~ I can't find an email for you hence I'm posting this here.

Read "Rabbit" last What an opener for a poetry book: grabbed me by the heart and gut.

Hugs, Jane

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