Thursday, February 05, 2015

This Girl For Hire by G.G. Fickling*

(oversized pb; 1957, 2012: first novel in the Honey West series)


Fun, sometimes dark-in-tone story about a P.I. (Honey West) who is investigating the brutal killing of a beloved Hollywood has-been (Herb Nelson) during the filming of the television show Nelson was fired from, for reasons unknown.

There are plenty of suspects, dark motives and secrets, and twists in this fast-moving, well thought-out work. Readers may want to remember that this was written and published in the late Fifties, so there's a flagrant level of sexism (by today's standards) on the part of the men Honey encounters, even Mark Storm, the police detective whose gruff exchanges with her mask a strong attraction between Honey and Mark).

Worthwhile beach read P.I. mystery, this. Followed by Girl on the Loose.

[*G.G. Fickling is actually a husband-and-wife writing team: Forrest and Gloria Fickling. "G.G." refers to the wife's first and middle name: Gloria Gautraud. They used these initials to keep the gender of the author(s) vague.]


A television series, Honey West, also resulted from this eleven-book series. It ran for one season, from September 17, 1965 to April 8, 1966 -- thirty episodes in all. 

Anne Francis played Honey West. John Ericson played Sam Bolt, the show's stand-in for Mark Storm.


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